Let’s talk about Prizes – Basecamp

GRAPHISOFT’s global BIM PROJECT Competition is up and running with valuable prizes, including a perpetual ARCHICAD 24 license! Other prizes include BIMx app with PRO features and an invitation to GRAPHISOFT Basecamp 2020.

Let’s talk about each of the prizes you have a chance to win, starting with GRAPHISOFT Basecamp.

What is GRAPHISOFT Basecamp?

In 2019, we organized our first global event for university students, GRAPHISOFT Basecamp. It was held in Budapest, at our headquarters, with talent coming from more than 9 countries. They participated in training programs and worked on BIM teamwork projects with the help of their GRAPHISOFT mentors.

Since then, all the participants have become valuable members of the Archicad community and have already applied what they have learned. Some of them are interns with our clients, some have become trainers teaching other students to use Archicad, while others are Archicad “influencers” posting tutorials, writing blogs, and using Archicad for university projects.

Join us on our Building Together Digital Event on July 8 and 9 to see Sofia Himmelstein from Sao Paolo, Brazil, one of the students from last year presenting.

What will Basecamp 2020 be like?

This year is different for all of us. We’re getting used to the ‘new normal’ in both our professional and personal lives.

Basecamp 2020 will also be a bit different than last year. We want you to grow and be the best you can at using Archicad. But we also want you to get up to speed with the latest BIM standards and best practices.

Starting in September, you’ll have the chance to attend a 5-week, fun and interactive online program packed with presentations, advice, and virtual activities. Learn from experienced GRAPHISOFT trainers and former BIM Managers everything you need to know to work in an Archicad-based BIM office; from setting up projects, to collaborating with consultants, and understanding how people and processes are managed. Meet fellow students virtually and share your experiences of working on BIM projects using Archicad. Take the tests to earn a globally recognized GRAPHISOFT certificate.

How will Basecamp be delivered online?

The online program will last for 5 weeks and will be built on a series of modules. Each module will be comprised of live meetings with the trainers that attendees can download and study at their own pace.

There will be 1-2 meetings arranged each week, with a total duration of 1-2 hours, either on different days or on the same day. An additional 2-3-hour engagement per week will be required for completion of exercises and studying.

At the end of each week, there will be a quick exam or exercise. The overall result of these will be considered for the certification. Successful candidates will be awarded the GRAPHISOFT Basecamp Certificate.

How can you apply for GRAPHISOFT Basecamp?

GRAPHISOFT Basecamp is an exclusive social learning event open to students coming from our Global Campus Rep program, gathering the best from around the world, and competition winners of the BIM project student competition who have proven their BIM skills. For further information on available academic education programs and the Campus Rep program in your country, please contact your local partner.