Use Epic Games’ Twinmotion to create your renders for the BIM Project 2020 competition!

We can all agree that visualizing architectural projects at photorealistic quality is important, but not always easy. You have to optimize your 3D model, export, and import; numerically set rendering parameters for camera, sky, lights, and textures; and then you get to enjoy the render time. And what happens if you need to make edits to the scene? Go through that all over again. 

Instead, you can choose the “Click & Play” approach. When it comes to visualizing reality with award-winning Twinmotion, a real-time 3D visualization tool, design ideas are expressed playfully to impress professionally. And with real-time rendering, your changes are reflected immediately without long waits for render times. Move the sun, swap out models, switch textures, and watch your changes update right then and there. 

With Twinmotion’s Direct Link plugin, you can sync 3D geometry and BIM information directly from ARCHICAD without having to manually export any model changes. This makes the art of BIM and digital visualization more tangible than ever before.  

About the sponsorship 

Epic Games, being deeply interested in education, is proud to sponsor this competition with GRAPHISOFT. 

Epic is offering a full, unlimited, pro license of Twinmotion to one entrant in each category for the best use of Twinmotion on their project. With the direct link between ARCHICAD and Twinmotion, Epic hopes to bring students a great tool for visualization and encourage faster, more iterative design. This prize is independent of any other prizes being offered in the competition.  

Each winner will also get a one-on-one training session with a Twinmotion expert to bring their work to the next level. 

As part of their commitment to education, Epic also offers a free educational version of Twinmotion for students and educators, so anyone entering the competition can try it out. With its intuitive interface, Twinmotion is easy for beginners to learn. 

Epic Games would like to thank GRAPHISOFT for including them in this great project. 

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